• Music for your Mind,
    Body and Soul.

    Show Schedule
    Mon & Wed: 4-7pm (Late Lunch Show)
    Friday: 4-7pm - Catcha Fire Friday
    Tuesday: 7-9pm - Soul Food Show
    Saturday: 7-10am Soul Food Breakfast

Soul Food Gospel Radio Live


Late Lunch Show  |  Mondays & Wednesday: 4-7pm
Catcha Fire Friday  |  Fridays: 4-7pm
Soul Food Show  |  Tuesdays: 7-9pm
Soul Food Breakfast  |  Saturdays: 8-10am

About Soul Food Gospel Radio

Soul Food Gospel Radio is the brainchild of Valentine Fadayomi "DJ Val". The station is a refreshing blend of smooth worship interlaced with the latest in contemporary gospel which makes for a musical treat for the listener.

Each week it offers a fun-filled combination of engaging competitions mixed with personal interactions via all the popular social media platforms.

Soul Food Gospel is more than just a radio station – it is a movement geared towards sharing the love of Jesus through a shared love of good music. Truly it is music for your mind, body and soul.